About us

Founded by Christopher Hogwood in 1973, Academy of Ancient Music remains at the forefront of the worldwide early music scene over four decades on. It has become a global authority on the performance of baroque and classical music, and is now the most listened-to ensemble of its kind online.

Under the leadership of Richard Egarr since 2006, Academy of Ancient Music is an orchestra with a worldwide reputation for excellence in baroque and classical music. AAM takes inspiration directly from the music’s composers, using historically-informed techniques, period-specific instruments and original sources to bring music to life in committed, vibrant performances fit for the twenty-first century.


Whilst the Academy of Ancient Music is known for its electrifying performances, a depth of scholarship and intellectual rigour remain at our heart.  Our players have deep knowledge of their field well beyond playing their instruments, and they bring this to the preparation of all their performances; and we are active in researching, discovering, and bringing to public attention new and undeservedly neglected works. We want to invest in both new research and in new ways to share this knowledge with the world. The quest to rediscover our past is far from done.


AAM puts great emphasis on crafting concerts that bring new insight to familiar works and to reviving long-lost or forgotten masterpieces. Performing some of the most powerful and personal music ever written, our concerts, recordings and broadcasts must continue to be innovatively presented. Our precious repertoire is innately accessible and inviting. Through research, publications and performance we can reveal the past and how it influences our today, and look to share this with a new and growing audience.


Since the foundation of the Academy, an enormous body of knowledge about this music and performance practice has been built, and we are passionate about adding to this knowledge, and passing it on to the next generation of both players and listeners. We want to work with more young people to introduce them to this wonderful music; with more music students to help them learn how to play it; with our apprentices to ease them into the professional world; and with young soloists as they embark on their careers.